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Brightsource Kenya is a top supplier of Data Cabinets and Server Racks. We take pride in our range offering the best products from the top manufacturers Like
Siemon, Giganet, APC and EASENET. Our Wall Mounted Data Cabinets start from as little as KSH5000. We are able to fulfil 95% of Cabinet and Rack deliveries next day, so why go anywhere else for your Data and Server Rack requirements.

Get your server cabinet today from Brightsource Kenya. You can also reach us at and +254 714 247 812

Cabinet Fans

Big Cabinets Fans

KSh1,450.00 Exc. Tax
KSh3,400.00 Exc. Tax
KSh1,500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh52,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh43,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh37,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh68,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh60,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh55,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh2,900.00 Exc. Tax
KSh2,500.00 Exc. Tax