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Projectors and Projectors Screens

ViewSonic PA503W DLP Projector

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Projectors and Projectors Screens

ViewSonic PA503X DLP Projector

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Brighttech Networks Kenya ICT Solution Store

Brighttech Networks Kenya ICT Solution Store of Tplink, Dlink, Cisco, Ubiquity, Siemon, Fanvil, Huawei, Panasonic, Yealink, Yeaster, ZK Teco, Alarm, Computing and Electronics

Our Deals features hand-picked daily deals with low prices Like Computing Equipment and solutions (Laptops, Desktops, Point of Sale systems (POS), Projectors and Projector Screens from Different Brands Like HP, Dell, Promate, Canon, Lenovo, Epson, Kyocera Etc), Networking Equipment and Solutions (Dlink, TPLink, Ubiquity, Mikrotik, Cisco, fire extinguishers, tenda wifi, Linksys, Siemon, Data and Server Cabinets, Fiber and Networking Cables. Our Solutions includes Access Control,  Alarm Systems and  Telephone Equipment.

Best Networking Shop in East Africa

Networking is penetrating organizations of every size in every part of the world. In East Africa, particularly Kenya, networking has firmly taking root, with large and small companies requiring networking and connections to branch offices. In order to meet the demand for these services, Brightsource Kenya provides and supports a wide range of products in Networking and Communications. Some of these products are from Yealink, Fanvil, atcom, CISCO Systems, Siemon, Giganet Panasonic amongst others.

Best UPS Dealer in East Africa

When it comes to sourcing UPS solutions in East Africa, several reputable dealers cater to diverse needs. APC stands out for its reliable UPS systems tailored for various applications. Mecer offers cost-effective solutions with a focus on quality and performance. Mercury provides affordable UPS options without compromising reliability. Eaton is renowned for its advanced power management solutions and global expertise. Lightwave offers innovative UPS technology designed for efficiency and scalability. Techcom specializes in UPS systems with robust features for critical applications. Additionally, Online, Line Interactive, Tower, and Rackmount UPS solutions from trusted dealers ensure uninterrupted power supply for businesses and individuals across East Africa.