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Point of Sale (POS)

Brightsource Kenya is a leading dealer and supplier of POS products including POS thermal printers, Cash drawers, Barcode readers, Barcode Labels & printers, Scanners, Bill /Money Counter, Counterfeit detectors among others. You can now buy your POS equipment of choice in our shop or online and have it delivered to a pick up location near you

KSh10,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh7,000.00 Exc. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

Magnetic Swipe Readers (MSRs)

KSh6,100.00 Exc. Tax
Out of stock
KSh78,900.00 Exc. Tax
KSh9,500.00 Exc. Tax

Barcode scanners

Handheld Barcode Scanner

KSh7,500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh14,500.00 Exc. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

Pole Displays VFD 8000

KSh9,900.00 Exc. Tax
KSh7,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh74,000.00 Exc. Tax
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